Beach Productivity

For the last few days I’ve been on vacation with my family on the beach. Whoah, look at those prepositional phrases!  And it’s been pretty nice out, a few rainy days and moments, like the first full day here I went on my morning rain and twenty minutes into my run on the beach it turned into a complete downpour. I was twenty minutes out, so I had to run twenty minutes back getting so drenched I had to run while holding up my shorts, as they were so heavy from the rain. Quite a sight. Probably one of my most attractive moments. Put it into slow motion and maybe it could be a cheesy scene of a romantic movie. I mean it was in the rain and everything!

Anyway, I decided that I am going to be very productive while on vacation and read a lot, write a lot and basically do anything creative. So far I have completed some writing, worked on some blog posts about the book I am working on (like this one), made a sand alligator named Hoover:

(Pictured (In case there’s any confusion): Hoover the Alligator on the left, Me with crazy wind-blown hair on the right.)

I’ve taken a picture of a boat in the ocean WHILE running (Impressive stuff):


(If you squint, maybe you can see the boat. Once again, I was currently running at the time this picture was taken.)

And now I am baking a cake for my mom’s birthday. Phew.

Ever have those day where you feel extra productive, yet extra exhausted at the same time?


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