Patience–Something That I Seem to Lack

Patience, defined as

“the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

Something that I have discovered, I don’t have too much of. It’s been four days since I got my wisdom teeth out, four days I’ve had to refrain from running, something that I love doing and do routinely. But now, with something restraining this routine, I’d say I’ve grown very frustrated. I’ve gone out to ride my bike recently and have been fine, but that’s not as strenuous as running. I’ve lately gone through mixed emotions on the matter. One moment I’ll be like Oh, I’ll just go out and run, it’s been four days and if it hurts or bleeds I’ll stop.  But then another voice comes in that says: DRY SOCKET!!! And then I am forced back into the thoughts and feelings of frustrations. Then I’m like, Why didn’t my oral surgeon say anything about when you can go back to exercise? I would have asked them myself but I was a bit out of it as I was slowly waking up from the anesthesia and to be honest, my main concern at the moment was: when can I get this gauze out of my mouth that is currently gagging me to death.  Then I go back to the first thought of just going out to run.

So lots of internal arguments going on right now and none of them have an ounce of patience in them. None. We’re on a patience drought over here. Please use yours sparingly so there’s some left for me. Thanks.


When I got a Burst of Creativity.

Yesterday was great in a way because, besides spilling my coffee all over, I had a vacant part of my day (that should have been filled with my online class’s work, but was not) that I had a chance to do something creative. What? Creative, you say? Yes, it has been quite some time that I’ve done anything creative and it was so nice to dig into it yesterday. I love to bake and have been working on my decorating skills over the years and I baked cookies, which is creative in itself and I have done that several times over the course of the year but this time for the first time in a while, I decorated them. And man, did it feel good! I spent at least four hours working on these and they were worth every second of it! I was exhausted afterwards but the result put a smile on my face. They are already gone now, except for the two I saved for my boyfriend who is out of town for the long weekend. But they were there and they didn’t look half bad!


Being creative is like going on an adventure and discovering something new. You get excited because you can get something new and different from a creative experience every time, even if it’s the same creative endeavor. One day you may learn how to do one thing and the next you may learn something else, it’s like viewing things from a different angle or perspective. Personally, as someone who is an education major, I see this as an important aspect in a child’s education and should be ever present in the classroom. Creativity is an important aspect for them to have and explore and to apply in all that they are learning. It’s in the art of applying it to their lives and making connections to what they have learned or experienced. It makes them that much more well-rounded and knowledgeable and also excited about these learning experiences.

Creativity is important and I missed having it as a part of my life. But it will be coming back more and more! I hope you get to enjoy being creative and going on adventures as well!

Looks Like Spilt Coffee.

Wisdom teeth are out and I did not like it one bit…not that you’re supposed to enjoy getting your wisdom teeth, it’s not exactly something you enjoy. It’d all be just dandy if they didn’t have stitches in there. No pain, just annoying stitches.

I am fully going to blame getting my wisdom teeth for my clumsiness the morning after the procedure. I was sitting on our newer couch enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning, cherishing every sip as I went without the day before and then suddenly, the cup comes tumbling out of my hands and for a few long seconds it feels like I’m watching this spill from another perspective and i’m thrown back to reality just in time to see the disaster that is left behind. Coffee everywhere.  Coffee on the couch cushions, the feeling of wet and warm coffee all over my clothes and then over to the right, coffee covering the top of my laptop. Great. Let’s hope that’s not damaged. I reach for the laptop first making sure none got inside the laptop towards the keyboard. Nope, no coffee there. I look at the side, by the USB ports, a little. I dry it down and blow it trying to dry it. It turns on. We’re good. The cushions, are covered. However, I know with using the carpet cleaner you can get that all out because well, I’ve unfortunately done this once before. Last time I also spilled it all over my econ notes in addition to the couch.

Maybe it wasn’t the procedure. I’m just clumsy. But all is well, The couch a bit browner until we pull out the big carpet cleaner, but it smells great!


And I am back….two years later! Since the last post I’ve competed majority of my education program and just have one more semester to go before I graduate and begin the joys of searching for a job. It is now summer, which means I work full time in childcare, am taking summer classes online and have hopes and dreams of reading so many books my head will explode. And also pick up writing again. Let’s see how that goes. Lots of expectations.

I also realized after creating an online portfolio for one of my classes on this site how much I missed the blog-iverse and would like to get back to it. So here I am.

Hello everyone, and I look forward to delve in deeper in a blog post when I have more time before work! Maybe I’ll post when I’m laying on the couch, doing homework and taking pain meds from my upcoming wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow. Whoohoo. Yeah. No. I’d rather watch a marathon of Dora the Explorer until I go insane. The bright side? I get to cuddle with this cutie-patootie. zsa zsa 1

National Novel Writing Month-The Month of High Hopes

Today starts National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. I also call it The Month of High Hopes. Every year I get excited for NaNoWriMo, determined that I am going to reach the 50,000 word novella point and finally finish a book in a month. Sadly, that’s a feat I have not yet been able to complete. BUT one day I will. In the meantime I will just keep on trying. The thought is exciting and motivating and makes me feel like I’m flying. Writing is something I love so much, but don’t always get the time to do. But what’s nice about writing is that when I can’t sit in front of my spiral notebook dedicated to my story, I can always be brainstorming and planning the next chapter in my head at any point of the day. So in theory, I have most of the story, I just need to write it all down just the way I’ve imagined it in my head for all these years. 


Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? 

The Preschoolers Have Won My Heart

Image (Image from: here)


One of the reasons I’ve been so absent from my blog lately is that I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and I have been doing some of my student teaching in a preschool classroom. This semester I am in the classroom nine hours a week and then next semester it’ll be twenty hours a week. I have been at my field site for nearly two months now and I absolutely love it. The children are the sweetest and have won my heart. Each week I find myself looking forward to the days I get to come in a work with these wonderful children and excited to see them grow and develop right before my eyes. I’ve become so attached to this class that I am not sure I would want to leave them at the end of the semester. There’s a chance I’ll be placed there again next semester, but even so, that will be a month or so break in between that I will miss them! 


So anyways, children are the best and we can learn as much from them as they can learn from us (personally, I think we learn more from them), and they are also the reason I have been behind on writing my blog. But I think that they are a good reason to be behind. 🙂 


What’s new with the blog world?

I’m Ashamed.

I'm Ashamed.

It has occurred to me that I…may have let my blog slip. Just a tad…or a lot. It wasn’t anything personal, really, It’s me not you. If I haven’t already said this, I am a college student currently in the advanced study of my program, which basically means I am in the depth of my major and it has been a whirlwind of craziness. I do field work nine hours a week and write about five papers a week. Not to mention the projects. So on a scale from 1-10 on stress, I’ve breached the ten and hopped right on up to twelve. BUT, I still have a want to blog and write and do all the fun stuff, I just need to work on the right balance to fit everything in. Maybe I’ll start this transition to a once or twice weekly blog post and see what works best.

Forgive me? If not, I understand. I disappointed myself on this one.

Inspiration From Top Geniuses

Morning Story and Dilbert

Albert Einstein did not speak until he was four and did not read until he was seven.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”

Isaac Newton never did well in school.

Thomas Edison’s teachers told him that he was “too stupid to learn anything.”…

If you are failing, keep on going. The current obstacles are the foundation of your future success.


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Excuses, A Smurf, and the Return to Blogging.

I think I completely fell off the face of the blogiverise. Classes have started and I have dragged my feet everyday leading up to this point that I completely lost some motivation in the writing world. But I am back! I’ve gotten back to hanging out at Starbucks with my Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, and with my tablet and my notebook I keep my story in, since apparently, this is the only place I can freely write.

    When I opened up my tablet to write this post, I looked up and into my purse and this is the strange sight I saw:

It's totally normal to have Brainy the Smurf in your purse, right?

Now granted I know that I own a Brainy the Smurf stuffed animal (stuffed Smurf?), I had completely forgot that he was in my purse. So it kind of frightened me for a second. Has my Smurf come alive like in the movie and jumped in my purse and is now spying at me while I write in Starbucks? If so, should I be worried about Gargamel showing up?


Anyway, I am determined to write more blog posts, more of my story and give you more information on my story as I go along.


What have I missed, fellow bloggers?