A Short Story -Little Bella The First in the Series.

bella tutu


(Image from: http://www.asabee.ca/archives/category/music

One afternoon Little Bella presses her face against the window, wishing that every car that comes near the house, will pull into her driveway. She is dressed in her ballet leotard, pink tutu and her hair in a messy bun from a morning’s worth of play.

“Mommy?” Little Bella says, with her face still flat against the window.

“Yes, Bella,” I answer, looking up from the load of laundry I am folding.

“What if she doesn’t come?” she asks.

“Well, why wouldn’t she come, Bella?” I ask. This morning she was bouncing off the walls with excitement, I could barely get her to sit still long enough to eat breakfast or brush her teeth.

“Maybe she found the fairy princess without me and now she doesn’t want to come back to play with me,” Little Bella explains, referring to her and her friend Christie’s most recent game of fairy princess. Last week they started to hunt for fairy princesses.They drew pictures that they laid out for fairy princesses to find and respond to, telling them where they can be found.

“Well, I think if Christie found a fairy princess, she would make sure to come show you and introduce you to her fairy princess. Maybe she is late because she is telling the princess all about her wonderful friend, Bella.” Little Bella smiles brightly. Her eyes sparkle in excitement, the same excitement I saw this morning when I told her Christie was coming over to play. Little Bella returns to her post at the front window and moments later a silver van pulls up, sending Little Bella to the door. She swings it open and before she could run out in her usual screaming frenzy to greet her friend, Christie charges up the front sidewalk and takes a giant leap over the welcome mat and into the front foyer.

“Want to see what I have?” Christie asks, with a smile spreading across her face. Little Bella is wide-eyed with excitement. She looks at me and I can see that genuine happiness little kids have when they are with their best friends, the kind of reaction they have is one you would only expect for someone you haven’t seen in years. But for them, everyday they are together is like a brand new adventure, a whole new celebration with new found joy for those around them.

Christie pulls out a little box from her backpack and whispers, “Look, I have our own fairy princess inside!”

Little Bella smiles and they run upstairs to play in their own magical world where anything is possible, and where she has her friend always by her side.


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