And I am back….two years later! Since the last post I’ve competed majority of my education program and just have one more semester to go before I graduate and begin the joys of searching for a job. It is now summer, which means I work full time in childcare, am taking summer classes online and have hopes and dreams of reading so many books my head will explode. And also pick up writing again. Let’s see how that goes. Lots of expectations.

I also realized after creating an online portfolio for one of my classes on this site how much I missed the blog-iverse and would like to get back to it. So here I am.

Hello everyone, and I look forward to delve in deeper in a blog post when I have more time before work! Maybe I’ll post when I’m laying on the couch, doing homework and taking pain meds from my upcoming wisdom teeth surgery tomorrow. Whoohoo. Yeah. No. I’d rather watch a marathon of Dora the Explorer until I go insane. The bright side? I get to cuddle with this cutie-patootie. zsa zsa 1


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