National Novel Writing Month-The Month of High Hopes

Today starts National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. I also call it The Month of High Hopes. Every year I get excited for NaNoWriMo, determined that I am going to reach the 50,000 word novella point and finally finish a book in a month. Sadly, that’s a feat I have not yet been able to complete. BUT one day I will. In the meantime I will just keep on trying. The thought is exciting and motivating and makes me feel like I’m flying. Writing is something I love so much, but don’t always get the time to do. But what’s nice about writing is that when I can’t sit in front of my spiral notebook dedicated to my story, I can always be brainstorming and planning the next chapter in my head at any point of the day. So in theory, I have most of the story, I just need to write it all down just the way I’ve imagined it in my head for all these years. 


Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? 


Excuses, A Smurf, and the Return to Blogging.

I think I completely fell off the face of the blogiverise. Classes have started and I have dragged my feet everyday leading up to this point that I completely lost some motivation in the writing world. But I am back! I’ve gotten back to hanging out at Starbucks with my Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte, and with my tablet and my notebook I keep my story in, since apparently, this is the only place I can freely write.

    When I opened up my tablet to write this post, I looked up and into my purse and this is the strange sight I saw:

It's totally normal to have Brainy the Smurf in your purse, right?

Now granted I know that I own a Brainy the Smurf stuffed animal (stuffed Smurf?), I had completely forgot that he was in my purse. So it kind of frightened me for a second. Has my Smurf come alive like in the movie and jumped in my purse and is now spying at me while I write in Starbucks? If so, should I be worried about Gargamel showing up?


Anyway, I am determined to write more blog posts, more of my story and give you more information on my story as I go along.


What have I missed, fellow bloggers?

Day Twenty One: My Favorite Subject to Study and Why

I have two, I can’t decide on one, mainly because I tend to be indecisive, so I will talk about both.


The first subject would be English and that’s because you get to read and analyze novels and short stories and study the language, whether it’s directly from the book or learning the grammar rules that applies to the writing process.


My other favorite is algebra. I know, it’s strange, but I seem to enjoy figuring out how to solve for x and knowing there is a definite answer and a  balance of things. It’s calming. Weird, I know.

MOM!! The Blank Page is Mocking Me!

I hate blank pages. They stare at you. Very impolite. They like to torment you because they think that you don’t have anything worthwhile to put on their page. In my case sometimes that’s true. But I like to think that sometimes I prove them wrong, right? But seriously, it’s intimidating to start a brand new page, there’s so much potential and you have so many expectations that it is hard to do it all justice.

         Sometimes you have absolutely nothing to say and that blank page seems to just sit there and mock you. When I have to write a paper for a class, I get mocked a lot by said page, because I can never manage to think of a good introduction paragraph that leads into the content I am about to discuss. Same goes with the beginning of a story I want to write. The beginning has to be just as important as the rest of the writing that comes afterward.

      How do you get through the blank page? Do you sit there and stare back at it until one of you gives in? Sometimes. Do you write gibberish to fill in the blanks and move on, just so you can get through it and then later edit through it and correct it as needed?

What do you do to face the mockery of the blank page?

It can be the enemy, but it can also be a window to all the possibilities that can take place there. Sometimes you have to start small, go sentence by sentence to see what it can bring you, where it can take you and what it can teach you along the way.

      When I’m not being frustrated with the challenge of a blank page, I take that time to stop and think about the story and what can be the next step, the next journey for my characters and see what can thicken and improve the plot line.


What does a blank page mean to you?

Day Eighteen: Top Five Dream Jobs

My top five dream jobs would have to be:

1. Teacher
This is what I am studying now, so this should come to be soon.
2. Author
This would be unbelievably awesome!
3. Run a Bakery
This would be a very fun job for me to do.
4. Pixar Animator
Animation used to be my second major until I decided to focus solely on my main major.
5. Stay at Home Mom
This is a very important one, indeed!

An Excerpt from Delaney’s Story

I run as fast as I can to the run down tree house in the back of the yard. Frantically grabbing at the ladder, misshapen from the years of wear and tear. I skip the first two steps and slam my foot on the third, and hear a loud crack as the wood gives in. Quickly I grab onto the top step and use it to lift myself up into the tree house–my hope of safety. Gert, the one who is supposedly raising me, will be home any minute now and will probably see the missing vase, the only thing that resembles anything valuable in our home, that is actually tossed in the trash pit on the side of our tiny house, in pieces. She’ll be mad. Even more so if she is in the condition she is mostly in, the condition she has been most of my life.

         I think about making a run for It for the rest of the evening, I know I would be better off on the streets of New York with the few people I can trust. But Gert normally is home by now, and I am afraid that the moment I take off will be the exact moment she storms in and catches me, mid escape, It’s best if I hide in here for a while until I know the coast is clear.

        I think about what I’ll do in my evening to myself later on. I can visit my best friend, Amberlise, maybe even see Jack, another good friend of mine. Get some food from the vender of the street that gives me some of his leftovers before he packs up for the night. The thought of being out and about and away from here gets me so excited. So anxious to leave already. I can’t wait any longer. I hop down the ladder, making sure to skip the third step and dash through the yard. It appears I am in the clear and I’ve worried for nothing, that I spent so much unnecessary time hiding out in that tree house when I could have headed out right away. I am a few feet away from leaving the property when I see just the person I have been avoiding make their way closer and closer to me.

Day Thirteen: Somewhere I’d Like to Move or Visit

Somewhere that I would like to visit would have to be New York City because it seems like an interesting place to go, to be in the commotion that is the city and I always have thought that it would be cool to sit on a bench somewhere in the busiest part of the city and take pictures and just observe the surroundings. Probably because I’m more of an observer, or that is what I like to do. That kind of sounds creepy.  I swear, I don’t mean it that way. Scratch that. I want to go to New York City because it is the home of my character, Delaney and it would be good research to know her surroundings more. There. Much better.