Happy Memorial Day!

Today we remember those who have and are serving for our country. Without these brave men and women we would not be who we are today and we would not have the freedoms that we do. I am so grateful for the their service. We should remember and appreciate those who have served, not just today, but everyday.


Random Thought, Random Question

Hey, it’s me again.

Random fact: I LOVE to bake. Especially baking cookies. I don’t really enjoy eating baked goods, but I love to make them and decorate them.

Random thought: Wouldn’t it be cool to bake and sell goods from home to neighbors or people around town who need cookies for an event or occasion for some extra, much needed income that a college student desperately needs?

Random question: Has any fellow bloggers done this kind of thing before? If so, how do you go about starting up such a thing?

Random thought: thank you for your feedback!