The Preschoolers Have Won My Heart

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One of the reasons I’ve been so absent from my blog lately is that I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and I have been doing some of my student teaching in a preschool classroom. This semester I am in the classroom nine hours a week and then next semester it’ll be twenty hours a week. I have been at my field site for nearly two months now and I absolutely love it. The children are the sweetest and have won my heart. Each week I find myself looking forward to the days I get to come in a work with these wonderful children and excited to see them grow and develop right before my eyes. I’ve become so attached to this class that I am not sure I would want to leave them at the end of the semester. There’s a chance I’ll be placed there again next semester, but even so, that will be a month or so break in between that I will miss them! 


So anyways, children are the best and we can learn as much from them as they can learn from us (personally, I think we learn more from them), and they are also the reason I have been behind on writing my blog. But I think that they are a good reason to be behind. 🙂 


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Day Seventeen: Something I am Proud Of

I hate that the title’s statement ends with “of,” but that was the prompt, I swear to you.  But it still bothers me.

So, something that I am proud of is the fact that I’ve stayed relatively sane throughout all of the hoops I’ve had to jump through to be at the point I am in now in my degree. There was a lot of hoop jumping and other unnecessary torture that I really didn’t enjoy at all. And wanted to pull my hair out for, but didn’t because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull off the bald look. I probably have  a weird shaped scalp. Anyway, I believe I am sane, at least until I am told otherwise. And I have still a crazy road ahead of me now that I am deeper into my major. Wish me luck,