Looks Like Spilt Coffee.

Wisdom teeth are out and I did not like it one bit…not that you’re supposed to enjoy getting your wisdom teeth, it’s not exactly something you enjoy. It’d all be just dandy if they didn’t have stitches in there. No pain, just annoying stitches.

I am fully going to blame getting my wisdom teeth for my clumsiness the morning after the procedure. I was sitting on our newer couch enjoying my cup of coffee in the morning, cherishing every sip as I went without the day before and then suddenly, the cup comes tumbling out of my hands and for a few long seconds it feels like I’m watching this spill from another perspective and i’m thrown back to reality just in time to see the disaster that is left behind. Coffee everywhere.  Coffee on the couch cushions, the feeling of wet and warm coffee all over my clothes and then over to the right, coffee covering the top of my laptop. Great. Let’s hope that’s not damaged. I reach for the laptop first making sure none got inside the laptop towards the keyboard. Nope, no coffee there. I look at the side, by the USB ports, a little. I dry it down and blow it trying to dry it. It turns on. We’re good. The cushions, are covered. However, I know with using the carpet cleaner you can get that all out because well, I’ve unfortunately done this once before. Last time I also spilled it all over my econ notes in addition to the couch.

Maybe it wasn’t the procedure. I’m just clumsy. But all is well, The couch a bit browner until we pull out the big carpet cleaner, but it smells great!


Day One: Five Ways to Win My Heart

1. Hm, well one way to win my heart would be to show up with a cup of yummy coffee. I would love you forever, I think.

2. Be Kind- be kind to others and yourself. Have you ever read: ? (Image from http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com ). It’s a good one and has the exact meaning of my number two way to win my heart. If you haven’t read it, it’s just like the title says, the “Golden Rule”  …treat others how you want to be treated.

3. Laugh- Laugh when you’re happy, laugh at yourself, laugh with me (not at me :P). Have a sense of humor, and remind me to have one too, sometimes I can be too serious. And need a kind reminder to lighten up. Smile.

4. Be Inspired- follow your passion, work towards a goal, anything that suits your fancy. Just be motivated. Share your excitement in your adventure and I’ll share with you, mine.

5. Be Accepting and Respectful- be understanding of different perspectives and respect opinions, as I’ll do the same. Doesn’t mean you can’t disagree, because that’s life, everyone disagrees with something, if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be much variety in this world. It just means that disagreements are done respectfully.