When I got a Burst of Creativity.

Yesterday was great in a way because, besides spilling my coffee all over, I had a vacant part of my day (that should have been filled with my online class’s work, but was not) that I had a chance to do something creative. What? Creative, you say? Yes, it has been quite some time that I’ve done anything creative and it was so nice to dig into it yesterday. I love to bake and have been working on my decorating skills over the years and I baked cookies, which is creative in itself and I have done that several times over the course of the year but this time for the first time in a while, I decorated them. And man, did it feel good! I spent at least four hours working on these and they were worth every second of it! I was exhausted afterwards but the result put a smile on my face. They are already gone now, except for the two I saved for my boyfriend who is out of town for the long weekend. But they were there and they didn’t look half bad!


Being creative is like going on an adventure and discovering something new. You get excited because you can get something new and different from a creative experience every time, even if it’s the same creative endeavor. One day you may learn how to do one thing and the next you may learn something else, it’s like viewing things from a different angle or perspective. Personally, as someone who is an education major, I see this as an important aspect in a child’s education and should be ever present in the classroom. Creativity is an important aspect for them to have and explore and to apply in all that they are learning. It’s in the art of applying it to their lives and making connections to what they have learned or experienced. It makes them that much more well-rounded and knowledgeable and also excited about these learning experiences.

Creativity is important and I missed having it as a part of my life. But it will be coming back more and more! I hope you get to enjoy being creative and going on adventures as well!


The Preschoolers Have Won My Heart

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One of the reasons I’ve been so absent from my blog lately is that I am majoring in Early Childhood Education and I have been doing some of my student teaching in a preschool classroom. This semester I am in the classroom nine hours a week and then next semester it’ll be twenty hours a week. I have been at my field site for nearly two months now and I absolutely love it. The children are the sweetest and have won my heart. Each week I find myself looking forward to the days I get to come in a work with these wonderful children and excited to see them grow and develop right before my eyes. I’ve become so attached to this class that I am not sure I would want to leave them at the end of the semester. There’s a chance I’ll be placed there again next semester, but even so, that will be a month or so break in between that I will miss them! 


So anyways, children are the best and we can learn as much from them as they can learn from us (personally, I think we learn more from them), and they are also the reason I have been behind on writing my blog. But I think that they are a good reason to be behind. 🙂 


What’s new with the blog world?

“What Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?”

I hate that question. Why? You might ask. Well because you already are and not going to be. When someone asks that, it’s normally addressed to a child in conversation and that person is wording that question that way in particular because that’s how they always have heard that question phrased, most likely. But when you look at the actual meaning of that question you will see that it is making the assumption that they are not currently something. That at the stage they are at right now they are not a complete person, with a complete personality and desires and one with their own talents and beliefs. Children are growing people who continue to learn everyday just as everyone does but they are so much more than that. Children are spectacular and are talented and brilliant and hard working human beings and so are adults who, if they weren’t something spectacular as children they wouldn’t be such as adults. A child’s innocence and honesty about the world gives them more room to imagine, create and wonder of the world and be open to many things we wouldn’t think of doing because of the boundaries we have set over the years we have lived. What I am saying in this whole paragraph of ramblings is that children aren’t going to be someone, they already are someone, they just happen to be younger than we are.

When you are talking to a child and want to ask what their career ideas for the future are, check your wording of “what are you going to be when you grow up?” because children need to know that they are something already and that as they get older and continue to learn, they build on that something and are continually getting to know what they are all about, and that is something you never stop doing, even if you are a century old. If children know they are someone, they may gain more respect for themselves and others and treat others and themselves better.

We just need to lead by example.