MOM!! The Blank Page is Mocking Me!

I hate blank pages. They stare at you. Very impolite. They like to torment you because they think that you don’t have anything worthwhile to put on their page. In my case sometimes that’s true. But I like to think that sometimes I prove them wrong, right? But seriously, it’s intimidating to start a brand new page, there’s so much potential and you have so many expectations that it is hard to do it all justice.

         Sometimes you have absolutely nothing to say and that blank page seems to just sit there and mock you. When I have to write a paper for a class, I get mocked a lot by said page, because I can never manage to think of a good introduction paragraph that leads into the content I am about to discuss. Same goes with the beginning of a story I want to write. The beginning has to be just as important as the rest of the writing that comes afterward.

      How do you get through the blank page? Do you sit there and stare back at it until one of you gives in? Sometimes. Do you write gibberish to fill in the blanks and move on, just so you can get through it and then later edit through it and correct it as needed?

What do you do to face the mockery of the blank page?

It can be the enemy, but it can also be a window to all the possibilities that can take place there. Sometimes you have to start small, go sentence by sentence to see what it can bring you, where it can take you and what it can teach you along the way.

      When I’m not being frustrated with the challenge of a blank page, I take that time to stop and think about the story and what can be the next step, the next journey for my characters and see what can thicken and improve the plot line.


What does a blank page mean to you?


2 thoughts on “MOM!! The Blank Page is Mocking Me!

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  2. Oh dear. The number of times I sit and stare at a blank page is proportionally opposite to the number of times that I have something to fill it with.
    I’m expecting that proportion to go wonky as the school year starts and I have to, like, write plays and stuff. I like the idea that you bring up about it being an “opportunity.” I’m going to have to remember that later on.

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