Alex’s Lemonade Stand Progress

I’m getting closer and closer to hosting my Alex’s Lemonade Stand Event. I have the location and the dates officially confirmed and I have completed the online donation page I can post the link for on fliers or any other place. Now comes the hard work. The shopping for the many ingredients I need in order to make the different kinds of baked goods and of course–lemonade. It is an Alex’s Lemonade Stand and all. I’m planning on making fliers and give them out throughout my neighborhood and I’ve already created an event on Facebook to help spread the word for my stand. I’m hoping it’ll be a success this year, it has been previous years and it all goes to a great cause.
I’m getting so excited for it, too. I even have a widget on the right side of my blog counting down the days. There’s twenty days until the first day of the stand, in case you were wondering.
So for now I prepare for baking, making lists and purchasing ingredients and then I’ll be on to the next step…the baking!


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