Day Fifteen: Write Fifteen Interesting Things About Myself

Really? Fifteen interesting things? I don’t think I have that many. Which means that some of these fifteen things are going to be strange, or stranger than the others.

Here we go.

1. I used to want to be an animator for Pixar.
2. I like to run.
3. I collect books.
4. I’m majoring in Early Childhood Education.
5. I love bread, broccoli, frozen yogurt and most fruits.
6. I can’t sing.
7. I babysit a lot.
8. I love to bake.
9. Perhaps I day dream a bit. Especially when I listen to music.
10. The most dangerous stores for me to enter is a book store and an office supplies store.
11. I’m not that outgoing. But it would be great if I was.
12. Some of my favorite Artists/Bands are: Paramore, P!nk, The Band Perry and OneRepublic.
13. I can’t think of a fact for number thirteen.
14. I’ve written children’s books before.
15. I spend most of my time caring for children.


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