Day Fourteen: Do I have siblings? Talk about them.

Why yes, I do have siblings. Two of them in fact. I have a younger brother named Alex and an older brother named Jonathan.

Alex is eighteen years old and is about to go off to college in a few weeks. He is going to he same university that I go to, except he is going to live on campus, whereas I commute from home. Alex is super smart and is majoring in performing arts. He loves to act, edit videos and movies, write plays and movies and whatever else he wants to write about and he can direct. At age eighteen he has already accomplished a lot. He’s also very funny, whether he is doing a comedy routine or just making conversation (or tweeting).

Jonathan is twenty eight and awesome. He’s very sweet and caring and makes my day when he gives me a big hug when he sees me. He lives on his own and I don’t see him too often, and need to go visit him much more often. He works hard at his job and loves things like the original marvel comic books and other original characters and stories. He makes me laugh and I love that he’s not afraid to be himself and has the sweetest personality.


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