Day Twelve: Five Weird Things That I Like

I think the concept of weird all depends on your perspective. Because sometimes I do what I believe is normal and another person thinks it’s weird. Okay, okay, maybe not sometimes. All the time. but I digress. Here are five things that I have believed all my life to be normal, but when looked at in a different perspective, may possible be weird:

1. I like to name things, inanimate things. I of course name my car, the typical cliche. But I also name my GPS (Jack Jack) and refer to him by name when he disagrees with me on the correct route. Seriously, Jack Jack. I know how to get out of my neighborhood. I’ve named a long loose string that hung from my hoodie sleeve (Leo), but he died a tragic death. (Don’t ask, it’s still hard to talk about.) and many more things have names, but I’ll save you from that ridiculousness.

2. I like to park in a parking lot far away from the store so I can have “pull through” parking and all I have to do to get out is go forward and not back up. (I’m not afraid of going in reverse, but I feel backing into a space or pulling through it is a much safer route where no one can slip behind you if you or the other person don’t know the other’s intent.

3. I like to organize things. I like to have things in order and in it’s own place. A joy for me is reorganizing an entire bookshelf by reading level as I did at the summer camp I have been working.

4. I like to eat the crust first when I have bread because I like the soft, delicious inside that can only be enjoyed when the crust has been devoured.

5. I like to write my book or in this blog or do class work or something of that sort while I watch television. It’s the only way I can focus on a show and my class work or whatever I am working on at the time.


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