Long Inside Out Week

Is it safe to say that it has been a long week when you go to button up your shirt before you go out and stand there for the longest time confused why it’s so difficult to button them up and it’s almost like they buttons are on the wrong way just to spite you, and when you’ve finally buttoned it all the way, look down and see a tag towards the bottom and wonder, since when is there a tag on the outside? AND THEN realize you put the shirt on inside out and that you were right about the buttons being on the wrong side, but apparently an idiot when it comes to putting on clothes. It’s basic stuff, people! And I failed it completely. At that point I just left my hair in a messy bun and gave up trying any further.

It has been a long week and glad it’s the weekend!! Hope you all have some fun plans this weekend!!


One thought on “Long Inside Out Week

  1. I had a week like this recently…down to the putting on my shirt inside-out thing and everything. Granted, I was too tired to care and didn’t realize it until I got in my car, but still.

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