Day Seven: My Favorite Childhood Toys

This prompt made me think of the fact that I am twenty years old and the toys that kids are playing with now, for the most part, are completely different than the toys I used to play with. What doesn’t change is the fact that they go through phases of trends where it’s cool to collect a bunch of a certain toy and bring them with them whenever they go to their friend’s house. 

What will never change is the love for dolls, dolls are always a favorite, and were my favorite, in particular, baby dolls. I played with my baby doll named Snuggles for years and years and I cared for her as if she were a real live baby. I had and still have her, and I would always dress her up in cute little outfits and buy new ones periodically. There was one year I brought her on vacation and she went missing. Turns out she was stuck between the cushions of the couch and it tore her arms pretty bad and had to be sewn back together. That was pretty traumatic for me. 

I loved playing the Sega game system with the games you put in on the top like the old Nintendo. I used to play The Lion King, Spiderman and Tazz a lot. Which I still think is the best gaming system. Although I really don’t play video games anymore. 

My other favorite childhood toy would have to be my imagination. I was always making stories about my toys, such as when I would play Barbies with my friends, I would spend the entire time creating my Barbie’s story and where she would live and what she liked to do, that that was pretty much all I did when it came to playing Barbie’s. I was never into the actual moving the Barbie’s around and making them have conversation with my friend’s doll and making them go places because in my mind, already did that when I created her story in the very beginning of the game. Needless to say, I was never good at playing Barbies with my friends because my idea of playing with them was completely different from theirs. I also would go on our home computer and write up stories about anything that came to mind. Now, looking back at those, they’re pretty embarrassing. But at the time I thought they were decent! 




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