Day Five: A Book I Love

I have mixed feelings about this post. On one hand, I got super excited since it’s asking me about books. And I LOVE books. LOVE in bold and capital letters because that’s how much I love them. So of course when asked about them I get all giddy and overly-excited. But then, on the other hand I now have to pick the book I love the most. I LOVE so many books and I think it would be unfair to choose one. I may even cry. Okay, no I won’t, but I’ll sit and ponder for quite a while and grimace under the stress of such a decision. 

        Okay, I think I have it. Drum roll please. A book that I love is Jodi Picoult’s Lone Wolf. Why? Because first of all, any book Jodi Picoult writes is a winner, and secondly, I read that book months and months ago and I still am thinking about it. In my book, if I still ponder over a book months later, then it’s a pretty darn good one at that. The book is about a guy, a father, who dedicates his life to wolves he keeps fenced in a field and also the ones he lived with for a year in the wild. And she captures the essence of the wolves so magnificently that you feel like you know the wolves, yourself. I feel like I’ve become an expert just as her character has and refer back to the wolves routines and language as I go about my day. But the man dedicated so much of his life to his wolves, that he has pushed aside his family and lost family members because of it. And now the family has to figure out what is best for him when he and his daughter get in a terrible accident. Anyway, it’s a great book that I LOVE and would definitely read over and over again. 

book jacket

                                        (Image from her website)


One thought on “Day Five: A Book I Love

  1. I’ve read through quite a few of these daily blogging things on numerous blogs. I’m fairly certain this is the first time I’ve seen a female pick their favorite book and it not be anything Twilight, Jane Austen or Bronte related. You deserve an award.

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