Day One: Five Ways to Win My Heart

1. Hm, well one way to win my heart would be to show up with a cup of yummy coffee. I would love you forever, I think.

2. Be Kind- be kind to others and yourself. Have you ever read: ? (Image from ). It’s a good one and has the exact meaning of my number two way to win my heart. If you haven’t read it, it’s just like the title says, the “Golden Rule”  …treat others how you want to be treated.

3. Laugh- Laugh when you’re happy, laugh at yourself, laugh with me (not at me :P). Have a sense of humor, and remind me to have one too, sometimes I can be too serious. And need a kind reminder to lighten up. Smile.

4. Be Inspired- follow your passion, work towards a goal, anything that suits your fancy. Just be motivated. Share your excitement in your adventure and I’ll share with you, mine.

5. Be Accepting and Respectful- be understanding of different perspectives and respect opinions, as I’ll do the same. Doesn’t mean you can’t disagree, because that’s life, everyone disagrees with something, if they didn’t, there wouldn’t be much variety in this world. It just means that disagreements are done respectfully.


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