Meet Delaney

The girl in my head is very loud, yet very quiet. She has been there for a few years now and desperately wants to get out. And by “get out” I mean: have her story told. I am not someone who hears voices or anything, nor do I have anything wrong with people who do hear voices. But I do harbor a story of a young girl who has had a hard life and an interesting one at that. She screams for others to know and she dreams of people seeing what she saw in her life so they understand what she has went through. I just happen to be the one that has been chosen to tell it. I feel like her story came to me, like a package delivered to my door. At first, I didn’t know what to do with it. I tried in many ways to tell her story, but none of it felt right. It didn’t seem to capture her story in the right way. After a couple years of trying and ditching many versions of her story, I’ve finally found the right way, the right perspective and the right format to describe her and her life. Which is what I am currently working on. Her story empowers me to keep going with it, because although it was a rough life for her, it’s one worth telling because it may help others or relate to others or just inform others on another person’s outlook.  So far, it has been quite a journey learning about her past, and it continues to reveal itself. And what I hope is that you join me on this journey, of my progress in telling it and hopefully reading it as it’s one I plan to have on shelves one day. So what do you say? Is this a journey you are in for? Would you like to learn about this young girl named Delaney? She’s a strong, hard working and caring soul who just needs the world to understand her troubles.


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