Jerry Seinfeld Update!

We filed out of the performing arts center Friday evening in complete awe that we just saw the Jerry Seinfeld, not a hologram, not a look alike, not one on a television screen, but Jerry Seinfeld in the flesh. We all got a little antsy in our seats as we waited for the show to start. I almost wanted to get up and yell for everyone to “find and sit in your seats, please!” so we could get this show started. But I’m pretty sure that’s not show etiquette. The host came on, he was very good and someone you could relate to. And then he ended his routine and all of a sudden…Jerry Seinfeld came springing on the stage with this burst of energy that sent everyone flying out of their seats. It was amazing! It was unbelievable seeing the man you’ve watched on Seinfeld just appear before your eyes. And he certainly did not disappoint! All of the things he talked about, and joked about was something you could relate to and laugh at your self about. And the time just seemed to fly by as he went through his routine and left you gripping for more. Sadly, it had to come to an end and he took his bow and exited the stage. But to our surprise, he came running back on. What? Wait, what’s happening? I thought as I see the Jerry Seinfeld come back to us. He announced that he was going to do a question and answer now and it was open to anyone. Someone asked about his online show called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” which I checked out on the way back to our hotel that night and it is something pretty awesome. Basically, they are webisodes with Jerry Seinfeld taking someone, a celebrity, out to coffee in a classic car and chatting with them for several minutes of pure awesomeness. Click Here to see for yourself! He also answered tons of questions about references from Seinfeld and if he every does said things in real-life. He had to remind everyone that that show is fictional. He thanked us and left the stage for real this time and we left, everyone chattering about the great performance. 

As this being my first time seeing a comedian’s performance, I am in love with the whole thing. It was great to see someone from television be right there in front of you and to see and hear for yourself how awesome and hilarious someone is. If you haven’t had this experience yet, I highly recommend it!


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