I Hear Voices. So I Sleep in the Library

“Jessica, are you going to have some coffee with me?” my mom asks me.

“Yes, then I need to go to the library,” I tell her.

“The library?” my mom asks very confused. She said it like it was kind of a crazy thing for me to say. And the reason is because I’ve never exactly enjoyed sitting in a library, since it’s way too quiet and I’ll go nuts and she knows that. So she was right to ask in that way, but it still threw me off guard since I love books and anything to do with writing and to be actively known as not enjoying library time seems to be a contradiction. Let me set this straight: I like the library for looking for books, but not for sitting there to get work done. Okay, that explanation is out of the way. Phew.

“Why are you going to the library?” she asks.

“Because I want to get some writing for my story done and I’m going to see if I can focus and not get distracted there. And I really need to get this voice out of my head,” I say.

“A voice?”

“Well, of my character, I need to get this story written down so I can stop thinking about this story, that’s what I meant,” I re-explain so I don’t sound too crazy.

Then apparently my dad was in the other room and overheard this conversation, because then he said, “You hear voices?” my first instinct was just to go with it and tell him yes, I do hear voices just to freak him out and be all weird and such. But I told him that I didn’t and he dropped out of the conversation since there was no longer a reason for concern.


Anyway, I went to the library to attempt to focus better there and I had some progress with working on an outline….and then I fell asleep because the library was way too quiet and it was driving me nuts. So naturally I got myself out of that situation by going off in dreamland in the secluded corner on the second floor of the library. I don’t think anyone saw me.

So my trip to the library pretty much failed. And I am back to square one on finding the best place for me to get my writing done. Any suggestions?



3 thoughts on “I Hear Voices. So I Sleep in the Library

  1. I’ve gotten many a weird look from friends/family as a result of explaining to them I have a character’s voice stuck in my head. Normally, when something like that happens, I either retreat to a room in my apartment I don’t normally sit in (either the spare bedroom or the kitchen) or a coffee shop where it’s quiet so that I can writer in peace.

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