Long Lists and Crazy Dogs

This morning I came downstairs to let my dogs outside as they bark in complete excitement that they get to do their business right away. And as always, my dog Zsa Zsa crashes into the screen door before I get the chance to open it. This is all normal, it’s part of a routine that I’ve grown to despise because it’s clearly too early to be barking and running into things. PLUS I haven’t even had the chance to make the coffee yet, which is the worst part of this whole situation. A fairly recent addition to this routine is to check the list we keep of people coming to my brother’s graduation party. A party that was supposed to be small and have a minimal amount of people so it wouldn’t cost as much and my brother wouldn’t be mortified of all the people coming to congratulate him. It was supposed to be SMALL like maybe twenty people maybe thirty. But every morning when I come downstairs and check the list (after my dogs finished barking and crashing into things) there’s another group of people added to the list. And I personally don’t mind that there’s tons more people, it’s not my party and not bothered at it at all, but it all seems pretty comical when for months it has been made a point that this is to be small. Now, since then the party has gone from “this will be a thirty person party” to “Oh crap, it has doubled!” and “How did this happen?” what happened is when you invite one person it leads to another person and another and soon you’re asking, “Who’s he?” on the day of the party and that can be a little concerning. But they’d be welcome, come enjoy our gyros and macaroni and cheese. Unless he’s dangerous. Then hands off the food, buddy. Anyway, it’s a good laugh to see the list grow each and everyday and watch the panic arise as we don’t have enough tables for everyone. 

So a growing list and weird dog routines. Like when I first got Zsa Zsa and she was terrified of certain stairs in the house. The stairs leading to the upstairs were fine. She went up and down those like a pro. But the ones leading to the basement and the set leading to the garage. No way. She froze in place in complete terror and didn’t confront her fear until I bribed her down with a treat, it took a while for that to work though. 


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